About Us

Welcome to Vintage Peculiar, my passion brought to life. I am the mom of two crazy boys, a wife to an even crazier man and an avid lover of animals. I have many interests, but the one thing they all have in common is a weird and slightly dark aesthetic. If I had to choose just a few, I would go with history and the paranormal.

These brought together have a strong influence over my choice of graphics. Some of the graphics on the site are my own and others are personally curated from graphic artists with a similar style. You will see a range of things from vintage beauty to dark gothic images. I work with a printing company here in the USA to help me make these ideas come to life. I personally oversee the website and answer all emails, so you can feel confident that someone who cares will be taking care of you. This is not just a job, it's my passion.

Please enjoy your time here and make sure to sign up below for the mailing list. This way you won't miss out on any new products or special subscriber sales. It's a crazy life, but we all have to live it so let's have fun!!