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Join Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari, stars of the hit A&E television show Ghost Hunters, as they delve into the methodology of their most compelling investigations. Within these pages, you will discover the fascinating history of six haunted locations and how it pertains to the events of each case, including details that have never been previously revealed.


Elements of a Haunting covers the shocking secrets of the Athenaeum in Indianapolis, the Madison Seminary in Ohio, the Worley Hospital in Texas, the Glen House in Missouri, and the Original Springs Hotel and Galena Marine Hospital in Illinois. Learn how Brandon and Mustafa gather empirical evidence of paranormal phenomena, as well as the ethics, theory, and protocol they utilize in every investigation. The authors also include their groundbreaking classification system for ghosts and hauntings that is transforming the field of paranormal studies into a true scientific discipline.


Pub Date:January 2022
Product Type:Trade Paperback
Page Count:264 pages
Size:5 x 8 x 1 IN

Elements of a Haunting

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