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Moldavite Oil is a blend of essential oils that is charged with the energy of Moldavite and Clear Quartz, packaged conveniently in a 10ml rollerball. Use it when you want a metaphysical boost to help open your third eye, or to connect with the spirit realm. Each ingredient was chosen with great care. This oil smells amazing without being overpowering. The Blue Lotus and Sandalwood combine wonderfully to make it a unisex scent.


When you need a refill of your oil, save the bottle and crystals. Simply pop the rollerball sleeve off and slowly transfer the oil from the refill syringe into your bottle. Push the rollerball back into place and continue to get te benefits of your Moldavite chip.




Blue Lotus


A connection to the divine, it is also filled with wisdom and knowledge. I will help to induce a higher state of consciousness. It is sometimes called "the Egyptian dream flower".




Bringing a state of peace and calm it will put you in the mindset to help you focus. Connections can be more easily made.


Juniper Berries


This power packed oil will aid in attracting good spirits while also providing protection from negative energies. It helps concentration for a better state of meditation. Associated with prophecy and divination it is also a protector on journeys to the other world.




A stone of spiritual transformation, Moldavite was created from a meteoric impact. It helps connect with a universal wisdom. Sometimes referred to as "The Holy Grail Stone", it is prized within the metaphysical community. Humanities attraction to the stone goes back at least as far as the Stone Age.




One of the most common crystals used, and it’s easy to see why. Think of this as a battery, or booster for everything else in the jar. Quartz is used to focus energy and intention. It will add that last bit of oomph needed to bring it all together.

Moldavite Oil 10ml Rollerball

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