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This soy wax Protection Candle is loaded with energy clearing benefits. Plus the smell great with 4 different scents to chose from. When these candles are used up, the soy is water soluble to clean the crystals if you want. 


Be sure to burn the candle to a full pool each time to extend the life of your candle. Never leave a burning candle unattended and place on a heat proof surface. 


Comes in Tobacco Vanilla, Rosemary & Sage, White Pear & Fig, and Lavender.


Added benefits,


White Sage, 

Probably one of the most common items used in clearing energy. White Sage can be used alone to dispel negative energy. It can also help to clear items and promote positive energy. One of the most powerful of herbs, it is often burned in smudging rituals. This spray uses the essential oil extracted from the White Sage bush.


Black Salt,


Used for purification and protection, salt is an easy to find “does it all” kind of mineral. Salt is often used to create a barrier around an area to prevent spirits from entering the space. It also cleanses areas and items from negative energy making them ready for use.


Black Obsidian,

This tiny powerhouse is included to charge your spray and help to clear any negative energy or psychic smog that may be lingering. Obsidian protects against negative spirits. After your spray is gone, take those little guys out and dry them off. Keep them in your pocket to help shield you from whatever bad energy you may encounter. 

Quartz Crystal,

One of the most common crystals used, and it’s easy to see why. Think of this as a battery, or booster for everything else in the jar. Quartz is used to focus energy and intention. It will add that last bit of oomph needed to bring it all together. 


Protection Candle 8oz

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