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White Sage Smudge Spray 4oz.

This spray can be used to clear negative energy out of an area. It can also be lightly misted over items to cleanse them. Each bottle is prepared by hand with great care and intention. There are oils within the saltwater base, so shake well before each use. If clearing a room or enclosed space, make sure to leave a door or window open so the negative energy has a way out. A little goes a long way with this spray.

Why do we use what we do in this spray? There is a reason for everything…

White Sage, 

Probably one of the most common items used in clearing energy. White Sage can be used alone to dispel negative energy. It can also help to clear items and promote positive energy. One of the most powerful of herbs, it is often burned in smudging rituals. This spray uses the essential oil extracted from the White Sage bush.


This powerful resin has a long history of ritual use. This is the oil you see floating in dark spots in the bottle and is why you need to put a little extra effort into shaking it up. The benefits, however, are well worth it. Often used in banishing, to break hexes, protection from psychic attack, and in exorcisms. The addition of this resin oil is what sets this spray apart from all the rest of the smudge sprays out there. 

Black Salt,

Used for purification and protection, salt is an easy to find “does it all” kind of mineral. Salt is often used to create a barrier around an area to prevent spirits from entering the space. It also cleanses areas and items from negative energy making them ready for use.


This essential oil brings some calm and balance into a space. When you are calm and balanced, your intention is that much more powerful. Focus on the clearing of your space while using the spray. Plus, is just smells great!

Black Obsidian,

This tiny powerhouse is included to charge your spray and help to clear any negative energy or psychic smog that may be lingering. Obsidian protects against negative spirits. After your spray is gone, take those little guys out and dry them off. Keep them in your pocket to help shield you from whatever bad energy you may encounter. 

Quartz Crystal,

One of the most common crystals used, and it’s easy to see why. Think of this as a battery, or booster for everything else in the jar. Quartz is used to focus energy and intention. It will add that last bit of oomph needed to bring it all together. 

YOU are the last ingredient!!

Make sure you set your intention. This may sound silly to some, but it is EVERYTHING when working with energy. Focus on clearing your space and pushing everything negative out. You are stronger than you know!!

Lastly, do not ingest this or spray into your face. It also contains oils and can damage fabric or other surfaces if used heavily. Test in a discreet area first to make sure it is safe for you to use on a particular item. If you are sensitive to fragrance, this may not be the right choice for you (but it smells AMAZING!!). Haunted Emporium is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse of this item.

White Sage Smudge Spray

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